Create Your Masterpiece

With Aligned Allies

The Psychology-Backed Mastermind for Your Life Mission 
So You Can Fulfill Your Global Vision

Follow Your Passion
Grow Your Profit
Live Your Purpose

Your Business Makes Great Money…

But Your Life Mission Hasn’t Launched

You feel split between…


Your money-maker and your mission


Your business and your deeper purpose

The only way to do great work
is to love what you do.

– Steve Jobs

How Long Have You Wanted

to Launch Your Life Mission?

Over the last 3… 5… or 10 years 
You think to yourself:


"Am I ever going to have a week to myself... to just focus on my mission?"


"If I'm so smart... why can't I crack the code on my mission?"

You don’t choose your passions…
your passions choose you. 

– Jeff Bezos

What’s Your Masterpiece?

The World Needs What You Have to Share

You think of your Global Vision quite a bit…

When you finish your life… you want to smile with a sigh of relief
because you created the impact-machine
that will continue long after you’re gone…

Your Masterpiece is Complete.

And you’re proud of who you became in the process…

You enjoyed your life,
while making the difference you were born to make.

Unfortunately though,
many people die with their masterpiece still left inside

Will that be you?

What Genius Type Are You?

Follow Your Personalized Path to Greatness

New Research Reveals 22 Genius Types

Align Your Business with Yours

Software Guides Your Progress in
Wealth, Health & Happiness

Matching Your Personality with Famous Geniuses


Better Decisions


Higher Creativity


More Confidence


Stronger Focus


Love What You Do


Wake Up Excited


years of research


personality tests studied


in research & development

The Masterpiece Mastermind

Become the Influential Genius You Were Born to Be

We Are an Incubator for Your Life Mission 

Rapidly Refine and Align Your Business with Allies

Inspired by the Best 
Business Incubators…

Combined with Our Proprietary
Genius Technology & Research

Online Sessions

Weekly Progress and Feedback for Your Mission

Live Weekends

Quarterly Events to Grow with Trusted Allies

1-on-1 Coaching

Laser-Targeted Guidance with Sebastian


“This has been the best asset for steady progress in the right direction.”

Dan Russell

Member of 3.9 Years


“Consistent feedback has been so key for faster business growth.”

Brenda Mathisen

Member of 1.3 Years


“Joint ventures with trusted mastermind allies has brought a clear ROI.”

Jay Singh

Member of 4 Years

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The Journey

Life Coaching Meets Business Building


Give Your Gifts


Claim Your Cause


Increase Your Influence

Quarter 1: You

Decode Your Genius


Who Am I?

truly understand who you are and who you are not

Why Am I Here?

discover the mission you are meant to achieve

What Am I Here to Do?

the right business for your genius

There is no greater thing you can do with your life and your work…

than follow your passions in a way that serves the world and you. 

– Richard Branson

Quarter 2: Who

Align Your Business


The Right Product

the offer that is best suited for your genius

The Right Audience

the people your genius is best suited to serve

The Right Marketing

the sales funnel that is best suited for your genius

The most important thing for any entrepreneur is to find…

Founder Product Market Fit.

– Naval Ravikant

Quarter 3: We

Create Your Systems

The Right Team

surround yourself with the right people for your genius

The Right Automation

the technology that is best for your genius

The Right Freedom

the workflow that is best suited for your genius

If you want to know how I got my money…
we have a “master mind“.

It is not my mind, it is the sum total of these minds I have gathered around me

– Andrew Carnegie

Quarter 4: More

Grow Your Impact

The Right Allies

the joint ventures that are best suited for your genius

The Right Promotion

the exposure that is best suited for your genius

The Right Growth

the rhythm that is best suited for your genius

When something is
important enough…

You do it even if the odds
aren’t in your favor. 

– Elon Musk

The Standards

Do These Traits Describe You?

New Members Are Voted In

Applicants Who Meet This Criteria Are Most Likely to Be Accepted 

You’re at a crossroads before your next big move…
You want to choose the best direction for your Life Mission

 You’re amazing at what you do

 Your clients love the results and rave about working with you

You know your Life Mission (or have an idea of what it could be)

You’ve been a full-time business owner for 5+ years

You’ve spent years connecting to your spirituality (whichever that means to you)

You’ve spent years in personal development

You have years of experience with marketing and sales

Your business generates at least $250k / year

You have a burning urgency to fulfill your mission

You’ve invested in many premium programs and you get great results

Your business is stable

 You’ve been seeking a program specializing in the Alignment of Purpose, Passion & Profit

You’re looking for your “Dream Mastermind” where you can grow with life-long allies who balance the life mission journey with real business results

The Value

Alignment with Your Life Mission is Your Greatest Asset 

The Goal is for Specific “Alignment Adjustments” in Your

Business-Engine to Create $250k+ in Money Made or Money Saved

Save Time (3 – 10+ Years of Not Living Your Mission)
Save Hires ($50k – $150k+ a Year)
Cut Unnecessary Work Hours (10 – 20+ Hours / Week)
Cut Unnecessary Services ($10k – $100k+)
 Launch Your Life Mission Service ($50k – $150k+) 

Total Yearly Value: $250k – $350k+ 


Going to Bed Feeling Your
Life Mission Moving Forward


Fulfilling Your Life Mission and Creating Your Masterpiece Priceless

The Investment

Your Masterpiece Awaits You

The Bonuses

Accelerate Your Results

Lightbody Technology

Get in the Fast Lane for Your Mission by Aligning Your Mind, Body & Spirit with Your Masterpiece

 6 Digital Sessions

Awaken Your Hidden Talents

 Reverse Your Resistance

✓ Become Your True Self

The Founder

Sebastian Cruze

Sebastian helps entrepreneurs with a Global Vision create their masterpiece by aligning
their business with their Life Mission 

Discovered Life Mission at 24

Studied 100+ Geniuses

Hosted 200+ Mastermind Sessions

Hosted 25+ Mastermind Days

Sebastian’s Story

The Journey of Discovering My Life Mission and Aligning My Business With It

17: 11x’ed $2k Investment in Stocks (Sirius XM)

21: 1st $2.5k Passive Income Week (YouTube)

21: Multi-Six Figure Agency Business

22: Lost it All (Wanted to End My Life)

24: Multi-Six Figure SEO Business with 15 Hour Week

24: Discovered Life Mission (Heard The Voice)

25: 4 Hour Work Week for SEO Business

25: Launched Life Mission Mastermind

27: 2 Hour SEO Work Week for SEO Business

28: Launched Cutting-Edge DecodeYourGenius® Software

29: Pioneered Simplified Plan to Global Abundance

29: Opened Up Small Group of New Seats for Mastermind

Create Your Masterpiece
With Aligned Allies