What’s Your Masterpiece Worth to You? 

This System Required


To Develop

Team Packages (Multi-License)
With Custom Coaching
Up to $75k+

Personal License
With 6 Coaching Calls
Starts at $5k

Your Application for Masterpiece Mode
Is a Phone Call with Sebastian

What are the Requirements?

  • Only for people who are ready and committed to accelerate their Masterpiece
  • You want SPEED and you are ready to move fast
  • This isn’t a “dip your toes in the water” type of training… this an experience that is changing the very fabric of your existence so you can achieve at a whole new level


Years of Research


Personality Tests Studied


Expert Advisors

Studying the Research of

20+ Doctors

Kylie Slavik, the "Behind-the-Scenes Brain” of numerous multi-million dollar marketing campaigns in the personal development industry:

"Sebastian gave me a whole new perspective on things that I would've never seen without him... which will add at least a quarter of a million dollars to my business, with a very small adjustment." - Kylie Slavik

Kevin Kurgansky, owner and creator of the long-standing, multi-million dollar brand called The Breakup Doctor says:

Torah Bontrager, author, CEO-Consultant, United Nations recognized non-profit founder and the world’s first Amish person to Graduate from an Ivy League school:

Celebrity Magician David Lion who has performed for celebrities such as Drake:

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