The Science

Drawing from Research of

20+ Doctors

  • Western Neuroscience
  • Eastern Ancient Knowledge
  • Advanced Psychology

"My mission is to guide you along your Genius Path so you can Achieve Your Masterpiece and Make History."

- Sebastian Mychel Cruze

Endorsements for Sebastian

One of the Young Entrepreneur Scholarship Winners at Giovanni Marsico's business event "Archangel Academy" in 2016

Speaking at Alex Moscow's Private Mastermind Where Each Attendee Had Paid $40,000 or More in Program Fees to Attend

Interviewed on Stage in Front of
Nearly One Hundred Coaches

Speaker at the Internet Marketing Party

Speaking at the Maverick Next Mastermind
(Each Member Has at Least a 6 Figure Business and is Under 25 Years Old)

Leading The Sovereign Man Initiation

Kylie Slavik, the "Behind-the-Scenes Brain” of numerous multi-million dollar marketing campaigns in the personal development industry:

"Sebastian gave me a whole new perspective on things that I would've never seen without him... which will add at least a quarter of a million dollars to my business, with a very small adjustment." - Kylie Slavik

Kevin Kurgansky, owner and creator of the long-standing, multi-million dollar brand called The Breakup Doctor says:

Torah Bontrager, author, CEO-Consultant, United Nations recognized non-profit founder and the world’s first Amish person to Graduate from an Ivy League school:

Celebrity Magician David Lion who has performed for celebrities such as Drake:

And So Many More...

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