The 10 Year Vivid Vision for
Decode Your Genius

Our Roadmap of Where We Are Going
And How We Are Getting There

Our Focus:

To Empower a Community of Entrepreneurs Who Are Decoding Their Genius and Using Their Talents to Create Their Life's Greatest Work

What if every child grew up knowing their precise Genius Talents and Genius Path?
What type of world would we have where it was the cultural norm to decode and nurture every person's Unique Genius?

A world where the Unique Genius of each child would be celebrated and their hidden talents would be cultivated. A world where more and more people would be on
The path of creating their Life's Greatest Work... 

Our Grand Mission:

To Create a World Where it's the Cultural Norm for Every Child to Grow Up Knowing, Cultivating and Walking Their Own Unique Genius Path.

Our Vivid Vision is Written in the Present Tense as if it is 2028 and Our Current Vision Has Been Achieved

It is 2028 and at this time, 10 Million+ lives have been impacted and improved by the Decode Your Genius system. The system has become a household name in the entrepreneur and personal development communities.

Our system provides tremendous value to experienced titans of business... as well as the beginner entrepreneur and every level of development in between.

The entrepreneurs that go through our training have an uncanny ability to "Connect with Their Genius" and their lives are an expression of their greatest gifts and greatest passions. As they progress each "Genius" is clear on their life purpose and are delivering their gifts to the world in a way that humanity has never seen before...

Welcome to the Modern Renaissance

Millions of People Waking Up to Their Genius
Has Created a Historic Surge in Humanity's Quality of Life and
Now the Modern Renaissance Has Begun

The Classical Renaissance Era was a "Rebirth" or "Reawakening" of knowledge, creativity and prosperity that propelled humanity forward with many key cultural, artistic and engineering innovations.

The Modern Renaissance has begun and the millions of empowered entrepreneurs that are decoding their genius now are innovating and pioneering new paths of progression for humanity.

The key "problems" of the world are now being solved by people who are utilizing their Genius Talents and creating their Life's Greatest Work.

Immortal Impact

Planting Seeds into Humanity's Cultural Fabric So That 500+ Years from Now People Are Still Directly Benefiting from the Work We Do Today

Our Impact Partnership

We've teamed up with the Network for Teaching Entrepreneurs, a global non profit organization that trains children with entrepreneurial skills and thinking.

Every program purchase contributes to a child being sponsored through the training program. At this time, 5 Million+ children have been sponsored by the Decode Your Genius Community.

We Can't Do It Alone

Join Forces with Us and Together We Can Create History

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